For every showcase we collaborate with other artists, collectives and studios. A relationship in design with Mote Studio is ongoing.


Mote is a Berlin based design studio born out of the long-term collaboration between Davide Luciani and Fabio Perletta. Together they have been creating and directing audiovisual installations, sound performances, graphic design and film scores since 2008. Their works have been exhibited at highly regarded festivals, art galleries and renown venues, as well as numerous institutions across Europe, Africa, Japan and the USA. Mote includes a network of specialized craftsmen and expert collaborators.

Julia Soler for LAWBF

Júlia Soler was born in Barcelona in 1982. She began her career as a photographer in 2007. After studying at the Institut d´Estudis Fotogràfics in Barcelona, she moved to New York, where she worked as a fashion, advertising and portrait photographer, specializing in portraits for musicians. In 2010 she moved to the south of Spain to work on a photo and video project exploring the art of bullfighting. She currently lives in Berlin, working on commercial and personal projects and regularly participating in solo and group exhibitions.
Júlia Soler ist 1982 in Barcelona geboren und lebt seit 2012 in Berlin. Ihre Karriere als Fotografin begann sie 2007, nachdem sie an der Institut d´Estudis Fotogràfics in Barcelona studiert hatte. Sie zog nach New York, um dort als Mode-, Werbe- und Portrait Fotografin zu arbeiten und spezialisierte sich auf Portraits von Musikern. 2010 zog sie in den Süden Spaniens und beschäftigte sich in einem Foto und Video Projekt mit der Kunst des Stierkampfes. Momentan lebt sie in Berlin, arbeitet weiterhin an kommerziellen sowie persönlichen Projekten und partizipiert regelmäßig and Gruppen- und Einzelausstellungen.

Luca Enea Lüdi for LAWBF

Grew up with music and the international projects of his father, the sax player Werner Lüdi. Central elements in the life of swiss-born Luca Lüdi are film, theatre and individuals of different cultures. Based in zürich as freelance cameraman he currently works for television and various contract work. Worked on many films and projects and is mainly known for his full-length documentary „Tant Gnaoua“about the Gnaoua people in Marokko. Also worked on „Nachbeben“ (2006) and „Baal“ by Nicholas Mockridge at the Schaubühne in Berlin.

Nailya Bikmurzina for LAWBF

Wurde in Eurasien geboren und verbrachte ihre Kindheit in Uzbekistan. Studierte Medizin in Ufa, Russland und arbeitet gleichzeitig als Freelance-Fotografin. Verbringt ihre Zeit reisend und zwischen Neapel, Florenz, Berlin und Frankreich als Studentin der Neurologie und als Fotografin.
Born in Eurasia and spent childhood in Uzbekistan. Studied medicin in Ufa, Russia, where she also worked as freelance photographer. Spends her time inbetween Naples, Florence, Berlin and France as student of Neuroscience and photographer.


Florian Kolmer is a Berlin based photographer. His pictures of Pop-Culture personalities on an international scale has been shown in many publications such as Spex, Stern, Neon, OE Magazine, Die Zeit etc. He also photographs fashion and works as a DJ.